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    November 2014

  • Tue 02
    A busy 2014 for TRS Design Agency LTD!
    -In August and September they worked on a website for a United Nations conference about protecting refugee children. The event took place in October and included their own Rt. Hon Gordon Brown as a speaker! (
    -Recently they have been working on a Christmas animation for an internal website for Great Ormond Street Hospital. The pages are shown full-screen on large TVs throughout the hospital and they’re also shown on all bedside screens for the patients/children – they show messages left for them and the staff from those donating to their ‘Christmas Stocking Appeal’
    -Throughout summer they developed a new website for the UNISON branch of Anglian Water in Lincoln ( which allows AW employees to enrol as a UNISON member and then as a website member to see private UNISON information.