Synx Games Triumphs at Start-Up Awards

We are incredibly proud to announce that Oliver Whitehead, founder of Synx Games and Sparkhouse tenant, has won the Creative Start-Up Award for the Midlands in the Start-Up Awards!

Oliver’s business, Synx Games, develops servers and user generated content for games such as Minecraft and Roblox, and has seen notable growth in the last year.

Reaching 100,000 unique players across 2 servers, 15,000 members on his Discord communities with over 4 million unique messages and 17 new clients acquired in 2023, all whilst being in his second-year at the University of Lincoln studying Computer Science.

Oliver has received support from Student Enterprise throughout his time at the University, and recently took up an office at Sparkhouse, the University’s start-up incubator. Synx were also awarded a Lincoln Be Smarter grant this year, which has enabled them to expand their team through the recruitment of University of Lincoln students, as well as improve their existing hardware and equipment.

For more information about Synx Games, you can visit their website here. For more information on our business support, please visit Student Enterprise, Sparkhouse & Lincoln Be Smarter.