Sparkhouse offers a complete support package for start-up businesses; giving you help to grow within professional office spaces.

Applying to Sparkhouse

To apply to Sparkhouse you need to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Get in touch
  2. Consultation
  3. Presentation of business plan
  4. Begin developing your business

Firstly, get in touch with the Sparkhouse team to arrange an informal meeting to discuss your plans and have a tour of the centre.  You can email us at or phone us on 01522 837 200 to set this up. You can also call in anytime Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm.

The next step is to join us for the meeting where we can find out more about each other and discuss the options available. We can advise you on how to go about creating your business plan and financial forecast, which will help prepare you for the next step.

Your business outline

This information is designed to help you with the formation of a brief business outline. The outline should be no more than two sides of A4, and should be attached to the application form that you return. Advice will be available following the application process to offer help completing a full business plan. The reason for a short summary at this stage is that the panel will be more interested in assessing your business idea (not your skill at presenting it) and your personal qualities. The aim of this brief business summary is to allow the interview panel to understand some of the background and aims of your business before your presentation. This process will also provide a focus for you to clarify some of your own aims and objectives.

Below are a number of suggested possible headings to structure your plan. This list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Your idea, a short paragraph summarising your central idea
  • Objectives, where do you see the business in the future?
  • Financial information, how much will you need to start the business? Where do you see it coming from? How much money will you need to support yourself?  This is a key area and this section should be included in all business summaries
  • Abilities, who are the members of your business? What skills have they got?
  • Market research, is there a gap in the market for? Who will your customers be?
  • Marketing plan, how will you fill that gap?
  • Logistics, who’s going to do what and when?
  • Training, will you need to learn new skills to start the business?


Step three is the final step that allows us to offer you our support. Once you have created a business plan you will be asked to present your ideas to a small panel of representatives. This panel will offer their guidance and feedback about your business plan and will decide whether you are eligible for a place, or whether there is further development needed.

Once a position at Sparkhouse has been accepted you will be assigned a mentor and offered guidance and training to help your business plans reach fruition.

Download an Office Space Application Form or Virtual Office Application Form (PDF format).

Applying to Sparkhouse