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ST UK Education Consultancy

tel. 07446 884 208 web. www.uk4china.com

Established in 2014, ST UK Education Consultancy Ltd (ST UK Education) aims to help ambitious Asian students to optimize their performance in British education.

We offer our services to both schools and universities. Students may come from abroad or may already be studying in the UK. We aim to assist students to feel comfortable within the British educational system and to have a better understanding of British culture.

We publicise selected UK universities and schools in China and India and act as first point of contact for students and their parents. We conduct online interviews to check students’ English and assess their requirements - and take great care to select only those who we think will thrive in the UK. We assist those young people to choose the most suitable educational route and, once a university or school has been chosen, we help with the application process, facilitating visits to the UK, accompanying the prospective student to interview and, if needed, providing private academic tuition for promising students.

ST UK Education also specialises in 1:1 and group academic tuition at all educational levels. We provide academic tuition in the subject areas of business and management and mathematics. In addition, we provide language tuition and guidance in making the transition from Chinese educational systems and cultures to those in the UK.

Based on our team members’ international experience and knowledge of other education systems, ST UK Education also works with Higher Education institutions and schools in:

  • helping to set up international projects,
  • disseminating best practice for international student education,
  • providing support for educational research.


What makes the business different

ST UK Education meets international students’ needs throughout their UK education.

Most educational agents and consultancies make their living by recruiting students and charging commission. Few are committed enough to continue to work with the student to improve their study experience. There is a natural temptation to aim for quantity rather than quality – however, this creates problems for British universities. The failure rates of Chinese students are high and plagiarism is common. Many universities wish to deal with this issue and ST UK Education can be a great help to them. We recruit quality students and give them support throughout their academic journey.

Mobile: 07446 884 208; Email: enquiries@uk4china.com;  weChat ID: sophiayantao

ST UK Education Consultancy